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  • A successful business blog doesn’t sell. Instead, it shows your clients why they should do business with you and not your competitor.

I was working as a Project Manager and Research Assistant at my University and didn’t get paid on time.  At the same time, my husband was working on his startup – POS software for restaurants and bars and was trying to find a way to reach foreign markets.

I left my job and joined his team. I started to read a lot about blogging, trends, and restaurant business problems and challenges. I started to write a lot. I had to learn SEO.

Eight months later  POS Sector blog reached almost 100 000 views per month, 14 new partners from 10 different countries, and more than 300 new clients around the globe.

Crazy Adventure

The idea was to put myself in restaurant owner’s shoes. And that’s what I did.  Since we owned a popular Beach Bar at the Adriatic Coast for 10 years it was kind an easy job for me. I was deep in the hospitality business, knew the business problems and learned how to solve them.

The blog was created to help young restaurant and bar owners and it has kept its course ever since. I know exactly what I want, which audience I want, and I am focused on making things work for me.


Developing Passion for Subjects

Being a passionate blogger is very important. This doesn’t necessarily mean you should start blogging blindly. If you are passionate about something, it doesn’t mean your audience is too. This is where Keyword Research comes in.

In the beginning, I dreaded the days when I had to search the most attractive keywords for my blog theme. Then I learned how to do that easily with a little help from a  free ebook titled “Keyword Research A Real-World Guide” that I found on copyblogger. It makes this process simple. By implementing a few steps I began to find my keywords easily and started creating blog headlines. But if I have to be honest, I am still not crazy about this part of my job.

Planning Blog Posts  & Discipline

In the beginning, it was very difficult to maintain a discipline of writing one blog per week. But that was a few years ago. Today I write 3 to 4 per week, even more when I have to. It is not easy, but the more you read and write the faster you will be.That’s the truth.

Experience will make you faster. After a few months, I did my research, created a blog concept and wrote headlines much faster. I prefer to write two blog post per week now. This allows me to write a well paid,  high-quality blog without too much pressure.

Two blogs per week is a good frequency to keep your blog fresh and updated although some marketers recommend even four blogs per week to grow your audience faster. From my experience, I think this is not necessary. Two blogs per week would be just fine, but if you decide to write more, I guess you will need two blog writers to get the best results. You want to have high-quality posts right?

What About Results?

“Get rich quick” schemes don’t work here. I am not sure that kind of scheme exists at all. Momentum is your friend, it takes some time to build an audience.

The first result came after 1 month. When I say result I mean first customer query. After three months the real game started. Every month we have 20% more site viewers and 12% more customer queries.

I’ve become popular too. People write to my personal email instead of using a form on POS Sector website. I really care about people, and I think that is the most important part of my success story.


You must give. And then tomorrow, you give even more. You give each day without asking for something in return. You must believe that results will come. And They Will.



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