Why You Need To Focus On a Smaller Section of The User Story

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Most of the time our potential clients knew exactly what kind of content they wanted and exactly what they’re going to target. This means we don’t need to give them a browsing experience—we need to give them a searching experience. Our Potential Clients Trust Our Smart Suggestions I discovered this process was not an exact science, but your potential […]

business storytelling

Explore New Approaches to Business Storytelling

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I switched from restaurant’s magazines writing to thought leadership and content marketing three years ago, but the audience has remained the same: Business Executives. I understand what type of writing business people respect and respond to and  I’d like to share my knowledge with you. I want to share important rules to follow to create great content […]


Fall In Love With Your Audience Not Your Product

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When two people fall in love with a deep understanding and appreciation for one another we say things like “they’re a match,” “they fit together,” and “they finish each other’s sentences.” This is the type of relationship that businesses should strive to build with their customer.  Data, Data, Data… Without this understanding how can marketers […]